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The success and life of any great technical product majorly depends on the technology used to develop it. Safety, Availability, Community Support, Scalability, Ease of Use etc. are few of the parameters which come in mind while selecting the technology to develop any product. Hence, selecting the right Web Application Development framework from the available alternatives is very important in such a competitive world.

When we look at the research and in-depth market analysis, AngularJS, a JavaScript framework originally created by Google, has gained a commendable respect and applauds from Web App Developers and businesses community due to the broad spectrum of features and impressive benefits it offers.

The ‘’Angular way of doing things’’ let’s developer choose the best-known solution and not just any solution that works. Overall idea of AngularJS is to offer important components, patterns and development practices in a single framework which is easy to use and follows best Web Application Development Services and practices. Hence, to attain this purpose AngularJS supports components such as models, views, controllers and services. While developing AngularJS test community was also kept mind and hence, AngularJS supports writing test friendly code which leads to a high-quality software. Angular also supports well the use of jQuery library, which ensures that many of the popular web development practices can be used as before.

AngularJS Journey So Far

1. Easy To Learn And Adapt:

AngularJS framework is built on top of JavaScript and HTML which are already old technology stacks, hence, the learning curve for the developers is easy

2. Robust Security:

Though the framework being developed by Google, the earlier version of Angular, Angular 1, had security loopholes. However, with subsequent upgrades this has been resolved and now AngularJS applications can be saved from XSRF/CSRF, hijacking, and other vulnerabilities.

3. Third-Party Integration:

On top of the existing readymade solutions, AngularJS also offers the ease to integrate with third-party applications, tools, plug-ins smoothly.

4. Less Coding:

AngularJS empowers the developers to reuse the code from the application developed by them earlier let’s developer code less. Also features many components that don’t require the developer to code, thus resulting is lesser coding effort.

5. Real-Time Testing:

AngularJS allows to perform module wise unit testing by loading only the required module that needs to be tested.

6. Large Community Support:

Considering the benefits offered by this open source Mobile And Web App Development framework, there are many businesses and developers who are using this and hence, AngularJS has a huge community support who helps in the development and maintenance of this framework with their valuable contributions.

Benefits Of Development On AngularJS


1. Faster Development:

As AngularJS supports MVC architecture, it saves lot of time in development, testing and maintenance. MVC coupled with dependency handling allows developers to take the advantage of parallel development. Thus, helping in faster development and saving lot of time.

2. Better Performance:

AngularJS comes along with a lot of in-built optimization tools that helps in speeding up the app. Also, by following the specific optimization tips provided by AngularJS, apps can improve the performance.

3. Easy to Plug & Play:

With the plug & play feature that AngularJS offers, Web Developers can simply copy / paste the feature without needing to write even a single line of code.

4. Developer Friendly:

Directives which come along with AngularJS allows developers to experiment whatever they want to build, test, reiterate, injecting object or anything. This developer friendly approach allows liberty to the developers to create more responsive and dynamic websites that stay up to date with modern trends and user’s expectations.


Undoubtedly, the way Google has managed the evolution of AngularJS framework over the time makes it worth the investment and time of developers and businesses. Many differentiating features, security, ease of development, great UI etc. makes it definitely one of the Best development framework worth your attention.

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