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In our last blog, we understood the difference in Mobile Application Development between Native and Flutter. In this post, we’ll help you to understand the various technologies available for Enterprise Mobile Application Development.

The mobile devices available in the market today have robust capabilities and to compliment them are mobile development technologies available. There is an ever increasing need for new business applications enhancing employees and partners to work more productively. Selecting the right technical stack is the most difficult decision the company has to take as it provides the foundation for a mobile application. There are many enterprise application development frameworks available in the market and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some of the latest Cross Platform Mobile App Development frameworks commonly used these days are HTML5, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, native app, Sencha, jquery mobile, windows mango etc. Though, there are many postings available in the market to guide you in detail the pros and cons of each technology, even then, if you were to ask which technology to choose for Enterprise Mobile App Development, most likely your answer would be “it depends”.

Being encountered with similar situation many times in the past, we would like to share our experience. We have pen down our knowledge to guide you in the right direction towards selecting the right technology for your enterprise Mobile App Development needs.

Below listed are some important questions and factors which need to be considered before selecting a technology stack for your enterprise application development.

1.              Target audience

2.              User expectation

3.              Main purpose of the application

4.              Cross-platform needed or not

5.              Offline support

6.              Development timelines

7.              Development cost

8.              Future scalability and updates

Depending upon the answers you get from the above questions, you could choose of the below technology for your enterprise mobile application development.

Enterprise Mobile Application Development Technology-Pixel Values Technolabs

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