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iOS and Android App Development ecosystem is growing at a very fast pace. The reduction in the prices of smartphones and internet, has substantially increased their demand and so does the market for mobile apps. There are close to 5M applications on iOS and Android play store put together, and this application market is expected to reach around $400B by 2026. There are many factors which have contributed to this humungous rise in the mobile apps demand however, the prominent one is the rise in the number of Cross Platform App Development frameworks.

Mobile apps help businesses to brand and connect with customers by push notifications, customized offers, and gain insights on customer behavior. To leverage these benefits, many businesses want to build their own apps in this new-age digital economy. Although Android or iOS App Development is a time-consuming process, we are here to help you with the steps involved in a successful app development.

Application Objective:

Application objective is the actual reason why the application is being developed. It is very important to have a clear objective in mind for making the application so that the team and people involved are focused and aligned in that direction and avoid wasting effort in creating un-necessary features.

Feature List:

This is the next step after deciding on the Application Objective. Depending upon on the application objective, you decide on the important functionalities you want to have in the application to achieve the objective. Deciding limited but all-important features is important as that will save a lot of un-necessary development time and cost and will also refrain bombarding un-necessary features to the users.

Market and Gap Analysis:

This is one of the important steps to making a successful application. Market research helps you to understand the good as well as bad offerings by the competition. Good offerings are the ones which you cannot miss to have in your application, and bad/missing features are the opportunities to distinguish your app from the competition.

Steps Involved In A Successful App Development-Pixel Values Technolabs

Developing A Wireframe:

Wireframes or mockups are rough high-level sketches of your application showcasing the aesthetics and application flow.

Technology Selection:

Mobile And Web App Development uses many app development frameworks available in the market. There is native – which is platform specific, and hybrid – which is cross-platform way of application development. Depending upon the target audience, app features and budget you need to decide which application framework to be used for a successful mobile application development.

Application Development and Testing:

This is the actual development stage when the designing and programming of the application is done. The output of the above stages is used to develop the application. The features, technology, objective, wireframes etc. are referred and kept in mind while developing the application. Once developed, the application is thoroughly tested to ensure its bug free and works as expected providing a seamless experience to the users.

Application Launch:

At this stage you your application is finally ready to be launched into the market. You need to upload your applications in the App store (for iOS apps) and Google Play Store (for Android apps) from where the users download the mobile app. It is always good to plan some marketing activities for the quick success, downloads and acceptability of the app. Digital Marketing, Media Campaign, App Store Optimization are some of the well-known marketing strategies.


Mobile app development is an expensive, effort intensive and long process. Pixel Values Technolabs, is globally renowned and one of the top-rated Mobile Application Development Company having expertise in developing all genres of applications. We help and guide our clients in leveraging our extensive end-to-end mobile app development experience in developing their successful mobile app.


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