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The buzz for the foldable phones is again there in the market, but this time it if for the smartphones. In the year 2019, there were a lot of rumours around this topic which became reality when Google announced its partnership with Samsung on this innovation and hence, other manufacturers also started doing their homework in this space.

The advancement into this space would also mean future apps to support the foldable smartphones hence, preparing for its design, technical nuances, Mobile App Development time and flawless user experience is something which the technology companies have to start looking into.

While the current the current market share of the foldable smartphones is minimal however, it is expected to disrupt the industry and reach newer heights in next 1-2 years.  Foldable smartphones offer additional space which can be used to create enriching user experience, some of the ways are:

1.  Better gaming, sports, entertainment apps experience due to the increased screen size.

2. Bigger screen size offers better aesthetics and controls.

3. Multiple apps or multiple pages of the same app can opened and viewed easily.

There would also be a lot of impact in the iOS and Android Mobile App Development process of foldable smartphones some of them are as follows:

App Testing:

Foldable smartphones offer new orientations and screen sizes, and to ensure that the app quality for foldable meets the highest standards the onus of ensuring this increases substantially. This would also mean a lot of destructive testing and writing lot of test cases and executing them.

Welcoming Feedbacks:

During the initial phases of the Android or iOS App Development/testing for foldable smartphones, you need to ensure to reserve bandwidth and welcome feedbacks, a lot of this could come from transition front, since we’ll be taking the traditional applications to a newer space.

Increased App Development Time & Cost:

Starting with lot of unknowns, initially the development time for the foldable smartphone apps are expected to be more than the traditional apps. This would also have a direct impact on the cost of Developing A Successful Mobile App for foldable smartphones apps; hence, it is also expected to be more than the traditional apps.

App Designing:

This is also little tricky as there would be 4 different elements which needs to be considered while designing the application for the foldable phones:


1. Folded State:

In this state, the foldable smartphone looks like a traditional smartphone.

2. Unfolded State:

In this state, the phone transforms into a tablet.

3. Multi-Handed App Design:

The real estate offered by the traditional smartphones are comparatively smaller and can be easily operated with single hand, however, in the case of foldable smartphones, the real estate is much bigger and hence, user could use one or both the hands to operate the app.

4. Screen Continuity:

The app display should seamlessly move from folded to unfolded state and vice versa.

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