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 In one of our earlier blogs we informed you about Voice Based Search Is Going To Be A Big Part Of Our Lives In Future. Today, in this blog, we’ll tell you how Voice based assistants are helping the healthcare sector in achieving the new heights, providing convenience to doctors and patients, quick turnaround, reduced cost etc.

With well researched algorithms and strong artificial intelligence quotient in place, voice assistants very well understand the users need and give suitable suggestions. Voice assistants are a humane way to interact with machines; it’ll improve patient’s interaction with doctor as the machine will be the apt ally in providing to the point medication. The ever-evolving and recession proof health care sector is worth multi-billion dollar worldwide, and definitely, voice assistants will be the revolutionizing future technology on which the sector will bank on.

Below are the few implications where Voice Technology can help in taking the healthcare sector to newer heights:

1.Better Medical Consultation

With voice assistance in place, entire date from diagnosis to the treatment can be stored in voice devices. Periodic reminders can be set and cumbersome paperwork can be avoided. This will help doctors and nurses focus more on patients and give them more time for consultation.

2.Diagnostic Suggestions

With combination of Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, IoT App Development and Emotional Intelligence, voice assistants can play a role of virtual doctor with whom the patients can have a detailed conversation on their medical needs. Basis discussion, the Voice assistant will use emotional intelligence along with inbuilt AI and ML, and offer correct suggestions to help patients in the treatment.

3.Sharing The Workload

With the dearth of quality staff in healthcare sector all around the world, the amount of work load just keeps on increasing. Voice assistant can help patients at least with the initial diagnosis immediately and thus saves a lot of quality time of the patients and doctors.

4. Enhanced Safety

Children’s require special care as diagnosing them could transmit germs from doctors, nurse or hospital environment. With Voice Assistants, there will be no human contact and minimal chances of bacteria getting transferred.

5.      Helping Patients In Managing Diabetes

Based on the patient’s preference, Sugarpod is a type 2 diabetes management solution that has custom tasks for patients. The experience of the patient is usually delivered via SMS, email, web, or via a voice interface. Integrating Sugarpod with voice assistants like Alexa enables patients to manage and monitor their treatments. 

6.      Assuring Medicine Adherence For Patients

Forgetting to take medicine on time is one of the major and most common issues observed in patients. Voice Assistants help people in setting the reminder and ensure patients take their medication on time.

7.      Insurance Purchase And Claim Management

Selecting the right healthcare insurance plan is a difficult task for many people. To simplify this, Liberty Mutual, an American insurer has developed an Alexa Skill that allows the user to navigate through different insurance plans and helps in managing the policy using Amazon Echo. The Mobile App Development solution also ensures that in case the voice assistant fails to find a policy as needed by the user, it directs the call to an independent agent.

8.      Health tips for better life-style

Allowing users to take advantage of its vast knowledge base that the academic medical center delivers, Cleveland clinic has Android App Development & iOS App Development with an Alexa Skill. This voice assistant helps user with day-to-day tips for a healthy lifestyle.

There is many more use cases of voice assistants in healthcare sector, the ones mentioned above are just surface of it. With expertise from innovative players like Amazon skill development, Google etc. the voice assistant devices will set a new dawn of hope and better treatment facilities in the healthcare sector. Undoubtedly, Voice assistants are the future of the healthcare sector, and its inclusion will bring a revolution of unprecedented and never seen before medical aids for the patients.

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