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How Blockchain Is Affecting In Travel & Tourism Industry-Pixel Values Technolabs

Blockchain is the latest trending technology which has transformed travel and tourism industries. In travel industry Blockchain helps in keeping track of the traveller’s luggage and ease of customer identification. These were just the high level Importance Of Blockchain Software Development technology in travels and tourism industries; its detailed benefits are as follows:

  • In Tracking Luggage

Most of the times, customer’s luggage changes hands multiple during the course of journey, especially in international travels. Blockchain Technology Development Companies provides a decentralized database which helps in tracking and sharing this luggage movement with various stakeholders easily.

  • Efficient Identification Services

Mobile & Web App Development Company uses Blockchain software development technology that helps in automating the traveller identification process thus, reducing the tourist’s identification time drastically. As we all know that during international travels, substantial amount of time is spent on standing in a queue for performing verification checks as it involves verifying lot of documents. Using Blockchain, just by the scan of fingerprints this process can be overcome and considerable amount of time can be saved.

  • Secure Payments

As Blockchain can also work as a global ledger, it makes bank payments more efficient, simple and secure. Already many hotels and airline companies are accepting payments via virtual cryptocurrency such as bitcoin.

Areas Of Impact For The Travel Industry-Pixel Values Technolabs
  • Efficient Customer Loyalty Schemes

Today, almost all the Mobile App Development and other businesses we see around run some sort of customer loyalty schemes, tours and travel industry is no different in this. It results in more customer engagement and increasing revenue as it increases the probability of a customer becoming a potential returning customer. Blockchain technology makes this process easier by making it easy for customers to access their loyalty information, making the overall process simpler and moreover, resulting in the more distribution of the loyalty tokens.

Here, blockchain can be quite helpful in making the overall process easier. Plus it can help customers to access their information regarding loyalty more easily. And ultimately, it results in more distribution of tokens.

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