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On-demand services aim to allow customers to consume a service immediately when they need it, anywhere, anytime, any quantity and at right price. The number of services offered on-demand has grown significantly. The on-demand service model is expected to change the way businesses serve customers in almost every industry. This model is in sharp contrast to the scheduled services such as public transport Vs on-demand ride-hailing services (e.g. Uber), movies at the cinema and on TV Vs video on-demand services (e.g. Netflix) etc.

With the kind of exponential growth On-Demand services has seen, it has extended beyond the IT domain and includes mobility, parcel collection and delivery and labor/workforce provision. This rapid growth in on-demand services is driven by technological developments; and changing customer requirements. Customers rely more on On-Demand apps for their better lifestyle and hence, their expectation of immediacy oblige businesses to adopt on-demand models.

The most important characteristics of On-Demand services are:

* Availability:  On-demand services are characterized by a high degree of availability. The following three parameters – quantity/duration, time and location – further specify this availability.

* Responsiveness: Besides high availability, on-demand services are characterized as highly responsive by having fast response times. This responsiveness is specified as the time difference between a customer’s service request and either the start of back-office service processing by the service provider (response time A) or the actual service consumption by the customer (response time B), the latter being the most important for the customer because this is their waiting time.

* Scalabilityon-demand services are characterized by scalability. On-demand services typically have a highly scalable service offering in terms of quantity and/or duration.

Of all the types of On-Demand app ideas, below are the ones which are high in demand and most profitable:

*  On-Demand Food Delivery App

*  On-Demand Grocery Delivery App

*  On-Demand Courier Delivery App

*  On-Demand Taxi Booking App

However, with an increased customer demand, the other on-demand services have also seen a lot of traction building recently.

Wrap – up

On-Demand apps are high in demand and have already helped businesses grow by 20-25%. Start-ups and other business houses should strongly consider this platform as it opens up opportunities to emerge as an innovative entrepreneur in the new era before your competitor takes an action about it.

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