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Businesses around the world have realized the immense potential of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development and the competitive advantage it offers to businesses. Hence, targeting mobile app development platforms has become an important part of digital marketing strategy for companies these days. Ease of technology accessibility has already seen 50% of the traffic coming to websites from mobile platforms, and this number is expected to rise as the accessibility from developing nations will increase further in the future. Progressive Web Apps are expected to play a big role in this advancement.

One of the most important USP of Progressive Web Applications (PWA) is its cost-efficiency in app development. Considering the feature richness and affordability of this technology, it is has become a go-to choice for many startups, small and medium scale businesses.

What is a Progressive Web Application?

Progressive Web Apps allows you to design and develop responsive mobile app websites in a similar fashion as that of a native app. Since the websites designed are responsive, it automatically adjusts itself as per the different devices, platforms, and tablets resolution.

Lately, businesses have experienced humungous growth using PWA, and below are some stats that provides the advantage of PWA’s:

*  PWAs have helped in increasing user engagement by 137%.

*  PWA has reduced the device storage required by 25 times.

*  Around 40% increase in bounce retention rate.

Some important functionality that is helping PWA’s to be the preferred choice are:

* Offline Mode For Better Accessibility

With an enhanced and secure caching process, the offline requests are designed to handle in a way that doesn’t lead to impact the business productivity due to loss of connectivity. Hence, you use will not have a problem accessing the website due to a lack of data.

* Faster Loading Time

Another state-of-the-art feature of PWA is device-level caching. With device-level caching, the content is loaded very quickly however, the remaining content loads progressively but immediately. Thus the experience offered on Mobile App Development is the same as Web Application Development.

the online presence of your business to a whole new level. Increasing digital presence helps in getting new leads for the business. Furthermore, it also smoothens the sales and marketing department to have a direct approach while going about their business.

* Add To Home Screen

As mentioned above, PWA provides the native apps-like experience, similarly, users can have a native-like experience on the home screen with the Add to Home Screen feature. Mobile App Developer can customize the home screen as per the user experience, thus providing them a personalized experience.

* Easier Payment Options

Security remains the heart of any application/platform, and PWA hasn’t compromised on this aspect as well. PWA has ensured a smooth, quick, straightforward, and highly secured checkout experience for the users to complete their buying experience.

Some of the very famous apps developed on PWA are Twitter, Forbes, AliExpress, Pinterest, Tinder, Starbucks Coffee PWA, OLA, Flipkart.


How PWA Can Help In Solving Modern-Day Business Needs?

* Independent Of App Store Rules:

PWA apps need not come from the app store or the play store. Apps can be directly downloaded from websites or other social media pages. The app always remains updated and the user can save the app on the home screen of their mobile, thus, increasing the chances of usability.

* Mobile-First Approach:

PWA’s empower the App Development Companies with the mobile-first approach and thus increase the customer base. It is expected that mobile apps download will increase by 45% by 2022. The success of Pinterest, Twitter, Tinder, and Starbucks coffee PWA are prime examples of a well-designed and developed Progressive app on your business.

Enhancing The Branding On Digital Platform:

With the amazingly enhanced organic search ratio of Progressive Apps, it helps in taking the online presence of your business to a whole new level. Increasing digital presence helps in getting new leads for the business. Furthermore, it also smoothens the sales and marketing department to have a direct approach while going about their business.


Undoubtedly PWA’s are going to be the next big thing considering the advantages it provides to all sizes of organizations across multiple domains. In this fierce competition, Progressive Apps help in the extra mile reach to the potential customers thus helping the business to grow and stay ahead of the competition by Developing A Successful Mobile App and long term customer loyalty.

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