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A very old proverb ‘’Health is Wealth” was absolutely true then and is absolutely correct now and will be in the future as well. This global pandemic COVID-19 has refreshed this phrase in the minds of people who forgot it. People across the globe have realized the importance of health and are ensuring that they stay fit despite their busy schedules.

These days, we know How Technology Is Helping Fighting Coronavirus. Technology has played a pivotal role in ensuring that people are keeping themselves fit with mobile apps. There’s a huge range health and fitness mobile apps available on the Apple and Google Play store that guides all types of users to what to eat, what/when/how to exercise, and motivate them to stay fit and healthy. Since mobile apps are very handy, they are putting more and more people on the path of fitter and healthier life in these modern busy schedules.

Since there are different and new ways of staying fit, Health and Fitness is an ever growing industry. This industry is estimated to be around US $20Bn including the mobile apps and wearable’s. This sizable and ever growing industry size has boosted a race amongst the entrepreneurs to Develop A Successful Fitness Mobile App. In this blog, we’ll help you to know ‘How to create a Fitness app?’

Types Of Health And Fitness Apps

Types Of Health And Fitness Apps-Pixel Values Technolabs

There are many varieties of Fitness apps which are available in the market today. Depending upon your need, you can decide which one suits your requirement the best. Below listed are some of the fitness app ideas for your kind perusal.

  • Personal Trainer Apps:

A high level of customization is possible in such kind of apps. Primarily these apps are used by personal trainers or the large gym chains. Some apps even provide the live streaming sessions so that the personal trainer can keep a track on the progress.


  • Diet And Nutrition Apps:

Such kind of apps help in maintaining the food journal. These apps track the amount of calorie, carbs, minerals, water etc. intake into the body and keep a track of the nutritional value gained by the body during the course of selected time. Such apps have helped the users remarkably and have become very popular in the market. Some of the advanced apps give user the diet recommendation depending upon the user lifestyle.


  • Customized Workout Training Apps:

Such apps allow the users to create their customized workout training plan. Such apps help the user to finish their tasks at home or gym. Users just need to integrate and sync the app with the fitness tracking equipment to maintain the track record of the progress.


  • Competitive Fitness Apps:

    Such fitness apps allow the users to compete with each other.


  • Altruistic Apps:

    Such apps give the reward points to the users for performing certain fitness activity. The points collected are equivalent to the defined monetary value and can be used for the purchases.


Below Listed Are Of The Revenue Generation Streams For Fitness Apps:

  1. In-app Purchases
  2. Advertisements
  3. Membership models
  4. Affiliate Sales


Below Listed Are Some Of The Features Users Prefer To Have In The Fitness Apps:

  1. Goal setting
  2. Tracking progress
  3. GPS
  4. Integration with third parties (primarily social networks and fitness equipment’s)
  5. Payment integration
  6. Ability to enter the data
  7. Consultation
  8. Tutorials
  9. Live streaming
  10. Chat
  11. Community
Some Important Features Users Prefer To Have In The Fitness Apps-Pixel Values Technolabs

Important Question – What’s An Approximate Cost Of Fitness Mobile App Development?

This is one tricky question to answer, and since we are one of the top Mobile App Development Company we understand the different parameters which are considered for deciding the fitness app development cost. Design, platform, technology, integrations (payment, fitness equipment’s, other third party plug-ins), language and app features are few of the most important factors that help us arrive at the development cost. The development cost also varies depending upon where the App Development Company is situated, if it’s in India then the development cost is significantly lower than most other parts of the world.

There are some additional one time/ recurring cost on the application which should be considered while developing a mobile app; these are cost of hosting the app, the cost of publishing it on the app stores, and also the cost of updating.

One should always consider all the above factors and discuss it with a fitness app development company to finalize the quotation. However, Pixel Values Technolabs is always happy to share their expert iOS or Android App Development Services in discussing, understand and guiding the customers with their ideas on mobile app development.

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