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The idea of Developing A Successful Mobile App comes with a lot of challenging questions like technology, core objective, design, branding, marketing etc. Answers to these questions play a very important role towards the success of the app, and any wrong decision here could become very expensive. The most expensive ones in the mobile app development are certainly the technical ones.

Selecting the right mobile app development platform from the project start can help in many ways however; changing the platform at a later stage in development would undo hundreds of hours of work and exponentially increase the overall costs and slows down the development speed.

There are three main mobile app types you can explore for your mobile app development: Native, Hybrid, and Mobile Web apps. All three have their own pros and cons and it’s very important that you select the right one depending upon your requirement.

A High Level Difference Between These 3 Mobile App Types Are:

Software downloaded from an app store in your smartphone is called a mobile app whereas a web app is an application that can access using a browser on your smartphone and a web app is not downloadable. Native mobile apps are developed for a particular platform or mobile OS to run on like Android Mobile App Development, iOS Mobile App Development or other. There is Hybrid apps which have single code and runs on any smartphone OS.

Native Apps:

Native apps are single code based apps developed for a specific platform like Android or iOS. In such apps, all the native features of a smartphone can be used like camera, GPS, push notifications, and other features. Application working offline is the most important benefit of Native App Development. Native apps also make a difference in speed, performance and work efficiency. Development and maintenance of the native apps could be little expensive comparatively.

Hybrid Apps:

As the name indicates, Hybrid applications are a perfect syndication of the best of both the worlds. They leverage the benefits of the native platform, have a feel of the native app, are available of Google Play Store and iOS App Store, and when downloaded they sit on the mobile home screen. Hybrid apps have a common code base for both the platforms and hence, the maintenance cost is also less. React Native, Flutter, and Ionic are the Cross-Platform Mobile App Development frameworks to create a hybrid app.

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Mobile Web Apps:

Mobile web apps can be accessed from the smartphone browser like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari etc. Mobile Web App Development is cost effective since native apps require a platform to run on. Maintenance and hosting of mobile web app is easy and convenient comparatively. Knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS is needed for developing such apps. Mobile web app is compatible with any platform and is independent of OS dependency. Since it’s a mobile web app, you will not see any app icon in your smartphone, you just need to type the URL in the phone browser. Native features like GPS, push notifications cannot be accessed here using a mobile web app.

Wrap Up:

The above discussed app types have their own pros and cons and hence, the few key factors to consider before deciding the app development type are:

  • Business Objective
  • User experience you want to have
  • Features complexity
  • Time to market
  • App Development and Maintenance Cost

While the discussion to differentiate the three mobile apps continues, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t choose an approach for the technology, but instead, choose based on what you want your app to do. If you choose an approach that doesn’t allow your app to utilize device features, for example, then you’ll end up wasting a lot of time and money when you decide to add features.

Once you’ve considered your options and made your decision, it’s of pivotal that you work with Mobile App Developers that can visualize your idea and bring it to life in your budget and according to the core goal of your business. It is important to work with a team that is knowledgeable and experienced in the exact technology that supports your choice so your app can achieve its full potential. Being one of the top rated Mobile App Development Company, at Pixel Values Technolabs we provide highly experienced and skilled app developers to convert our client’s idea into a successful product.

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